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Maintenance and Instandhaltung

Know that your systems are in good hands. In addition to planning and installing your systems, our LOHR service employees also take care of the maintenance and sustainable management of your property. We offer you first-class service in the areas of maintenance, servicing and energy management.

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Find out more about our 40-year success story and learn about the LOHR company throughout the years.

Success Stories


Success Stories

Generali Arena

LOHR is the installer of the MSR technology (control switchboxes, secondary control centers, field devices) for the new stands and offices. Replacement of the MSR components in the renovated stands. Construction of a joint operating station for the management, monitoring, and control of the MSR systems. Integration of the individual room controls via web operation.

City Hall

We are proud to have been responsible for the installation of the MSR technology in various parts of the honorable Vienna City Hall on the ring road, including the Mayor’s office, the city council office, and the meeting rooms. This also includes LOHR’s professional renovation of the control station for the MSR systems.

KWP Senior Residences (Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten)

Replacement of MSR technology by LOHR, including switchboxes and automation stations in various locations throughout Vienna. Implementation of a central control technology for all senior homes. Connection of the individual houses (30 seconds) to the central control technology. Implementation of a central malfunction forwarding to the alarm server.

University of Vienna

LOHR was responsible for the new construction, renovation, and system integration in the areas of measurement, control, and regulation technology, building control systems, energy management systems, and danger control stations at around 25 University of Vienna locations. This includes connecting the widest variety of network and data protocols, like BACnet, Modbus, MBus, LON and KNX.

UZA II – University Center Althanstraße

In the course of the assignment, LOHR replaced the entire DDC, including associated peripheral devices and individual room controls. This also includes the careful planning and implementation of a new building control system for around 25,000 data points at the Althanstraße location, the University Center UZA II.


In the course of the renovation and expansion of our LOHR company building on Richard-Strauss-Straße 27, 1230 Vienna, we designed, planned, and completed a 43kWp system for our building. We used 176 245W modules from Isofoton and four inverters from Fronius.
BY 2011


ERGE, a specialist for planning and implementing gas, water, and heating installations, received a commercial 35kWp flat roof system from LOHR consisting of 122 265W modules from Astronergy and 2 17kW inverters from Fronius. The system’s optimum ballast was achieved with gravel.
BY 2017/18

Single family home

LOHR was given the challenge to use this complicated and partly shaded roof with three different irradiation angles in the best way possible for PV. This 5.5kWp system was realized using 17 high-quality 320W modules from LG, individual module analysis, and an inverter from SolarEdge.
BY 2017/18

Austria Center Vienna

Austria’s largest conference center, the Austria Center Vienna (1220 Vienna), received a fire alarm system from LOHR which was tailored to their requirements. Made up of four networked FlexES Control central fire alarm systems with approx. 5,230 installed fire alarms, the highest level of safety for all of the center’s visitors is ensured.


ERGE, a specialist for planning and implementing gas, water, and heating installations, had their security system brought up-to-date by LOHR. The office complex, warehouse, and workshop were secured with safety components like alarm systems, access controls, and video surveillance.

Youth Residence KWJ

LOHR built the electrical installation in the Preindlgasse addition with a central battery. The implementation included emergency lighting, a fire alarm system, ongoing support and fault correction, as well as the room renovations BT1 + BT2 according to a fixed schedule and the new installation of a child care center in the Reichsapfelgasse house including ongoing maintenance.

Emergency Services MA 70

LOHR developed and set up the safety organizations at 12 locations of the emergency services. The software was set up according to requirements and the work processes made easier thanks to visual and acoustic tools. Integration and networking of diverse systems and protocols such as garage door control, traffic light control, diesel units, UPS systems, energy management, light control, etc.

The Spanish Riding School

LOHR was commissioned with the office renovation, specifically in the areas of electrical and communications technology. Planning and creation of new optic fiber hubs as well as expanding the workstations in the administrative area. Installation of additional connector systems and LAN connections in the administrative area during ongoing business operations.

Vienna Schools MA 56

New construction or total renovation by LOHR in the areas of electronic and communication technology. This includes the construction of low-voltage systems, escape route lighting, intercoms, emergency call systems, fire alarm systems, and LAN/WLAN network cabling in various schools in Vienna.


The Viennese Secession, exhibition building for the famous Gustav Klimt Beethovenfries, is secured by a tailor-made alarm system from LOHR. Due to the complex structure of the Secession a BUS alarm system was installed which raised the security standard to the highest level. 52 alarm detectors of the security classes VSÖ/VDS complete the security concept.

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