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Services Measurement, control, and regulation technology

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Success Stories

Generali Arena

LOHR is the installer of the MSR technology (control switchboxes, secondary control centers, field devices) for the new stands and offices. Replacement of the MSR components in the renovated stands. Construction of a joint operating station for the management, monitoring, and control of the MSR systems. Integration of the individual room controls via web operation.

City Hall

We are proud to have been responsible for the installation of the MSR technology in various parts of the honorable Vienna City Hall on the ring road, including the Mayor’s office, the city council office, and the meeting rooms. This also includes LOHR’s professional renovation of the control station for the MSR systems.

KWP Senior Residences (Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten)

Replacement of MSR technology by LOHR, including switchboxes and automation stations in various locations throughout Vienna. Implementation of a central control technology for all senior homes. Connection of the individual houses (30 seconds) to the central control technology. Implementation of a central malfunction forwarding to the alarm server.

University of Vienna

LOHR was responsible for the new construction, renovation, and system integration in the areas of measurement, control, and regulation technology, building control systems, energy management systems, and danger control stations at around 25 University of Vienna locations. This includes connecting the widest variety of network and data protocols, like BACnet, Modbus, MBus, LON and KNX.

UZA II – University Center Althanstraße

In the course of the assignment, LOHR replaced the entire DDC, including associated peripheral devices and individual room controls. This also includes the careful planning and implementation of a new building control system for around 25,000 data points at the Althanstraße location, the University Center UZA II.

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